The Purge Is On

Over the last couple of months, Hubby Bryan and I have made a dedicated effort to get rid of some of the “stuff” in our lives. We’ve finally delved into the boxes and storage containers that have languished in our basement storage area, trying to determine what we really need and what we don’t.

For instance, the items that we stored away when we remodeled our kitchen a number of years ago and never unpacked: Do we really need an Aunt Jemima toaster cover or a heart-shaped muffin tin?

Well, yes, we do need the toaster cover. It covered the toast-making appliance in Grandma Alice and Grandpa Harry’s lake house for many years. Sometimes it’s tough to part with memories.

But as the process continues, I’m getting better at letting go.

Leaving Bryan to deal with more basement boxes, I moved on to the attic. This storage space is a bit trickier, as it is under the roof eaves, extending the length of the house, and requires the use of a well-aimed spotlight and down-on-hands-and-knees maneuvers to get to all the long-forgotten treasures. I managed to pull out some long-unused holiday decor from amidst boxes of financial records, college textbooks and other accumulated goods.

Uffda. My knees still hurt. Did I mention that it’s also hot in the attic?

When our neighbor scheduled a rummage sale, Bryan and I opted to piggyback on the venture, so we accelerated our efforts and got more ruthless, culling out many of the items over which we’d earlier waffled. But in the long run, we worked our tails off and garnered little financial compensation for our efforts.

More recently, I’ve turned my urge to purge to my desk in the Daily Globe newsroom, beginning the process of clearing out 28 years of notes, books, clippings, awards and many other items from the depths of the drawers and cupboards.

Which brings me to an announcement. If you haven’t heard the scuttlebut around town, I will leave the Daily Globe at the end of July.

Twenty-eight years. That’s a long time to be in one place.

I must clarify that my departure, though prompted by some changes initiated by the Daily Globe’s parent company and ongoing adaptations in the newspaper industry overall, is of my own volition. After almost three decades, I’m ready for something different — a new challenge, a new adventure.

I just don’t know exactly what “different” will be quite yet.

Perhaps by the time I write my final Daily Globe blog in about a month I will have a better idea of what lies ahead. If it involves a move, our urge to purge will facilitate that process. If not, then we will face the future having lightened our material load.

In the meantime, I will continue to write stories for the Daily Globe — both the news and lifestyles sections. So, if you’ve got a story you would like to share with me, now is the time, and time is running short. Email me at; or phone 376-7327.