Out, Out Dang Dirt!

I get a lot of satisfaction from gardening. Many years ago, when DotMom used to make me help her lug jugs of water out to her garden plot at the local college, I would have never believed I would get any enjoyment out of digging in the dirt.

But all that changed when Hubby Bryan and I bought our house. Suddenly, some of the household tasks that I once abhorred became pleasurable with the pride of ownership. (Although I don’t think I will ever derive any great pleasure from cleaning.)

Now I enjoy digging in the dirt, planting flowers, herbs and at least one tomato plant each spring. I even derive some satisfaction from watering such plants and pulling the pesky weeds from among them.

What I don’t like, however, is the residual dirt beneath my fingernails. Yesterday, after a marathon session of flower planting on Sunday before having to (reluctantly, and whining about it all the way) go into the office to finish up my weekend duty, there was still a bit of dirt hanging on beneath my nails. And no amount of scraping, picking or soap could dislodge the offending black stuff.

I wore gloves, for gosh sake! But I’ve never found a pair of gardening gloves that can keep dirt from imbedding beneath my fingernails. I’m a bit of a messy gardener, it seems, and my gloves almost always end up covered in dirt, inside and out, and are often soggy to boot. I really don’t know why I bother putting them on.

Maybe I just need to coat my fingers with a thick layer of Vaseline? But then the dirt would really stick.

Rubber gloves might be a bit more practical, but I’m sure dirt will find its way into those, too.

So I guess I’ll just have to wear my dirty fingernails like a badge of honor. I really do wash my hands and shower regularly. Out, out dang dir

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  1. Jan Stoll

    Try rubbing your finger tips across a bar soap that has been soften by allowing
    it set in a little water first. OR rubbing liquid soap or dish soap under the nails.
    I wear the surgical rubber gloves, they may sweat a little but they fit better
    at the wrist and do not allow dirt to enter.

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