Fair-weather Weekend

A weekend without anything on our agenda.

]It’s a rare thing in the summer, and yet it makes me kind of restless. Hubby Bryan and I get into a pattern of heading somewhere in the Jeep — near or far — as long as the weather is nice. Thus far, however, we have made no specific plans, and yet I’m sure we’ll go for at least a short drive somewhere during the course of the next two days. Maybe we’ll head to Okoboji again and try out some more items on the menu at the Taco House.

Of course, there are a hundred things we should be doing around the house: pulling weeds in the flower bed; staining the trellis before the morning glories completely overtake it; staining the deck; figuring out how to hang the large beer sign that was Bryan’s 50th birthday present in the garage; and last, but certainly not least, giving the house a good cleaning. But for some reason, I have a feeling cleaning the house is probably NOT going to be on the top of my priority list on what I hope is going to be a beautiful summer weekend.

There will be time enough for that on a rainy day, right?

Have a fabulous — and sunshine-filled — weekend!