The Privilege Is Mine

Today was a milestone day. I finally got to wear shorts on my morning walk with Hubby Bryan.

Thanks to some spurts of sunshine, we also got to go farther than a mile or two with the top off the Jeep Wrangler. Bryan and I drove the convertible vehicle yesterday to the deployment ceremony for the Alpha Battery 1st Battalion 125th Field Artillery of the National Guard.

While I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled to be working on the first long weekend of the summer, it was a privilege to take in the ceremony and talk to some of the soldiers’ families as they prepared to send them off to Kuwait for a year.

I’ve never had to send a loved one off into a war zone, and I can’t begin to imagine the emotions they must be feeling. But I thank the soldiers for their service, and I thank their family members for sharing a few of their thoughts and feelings with me. It is always an honor to tell your story.