May Day Memories

May Day came and went without receiving a May basket — and Hubby Bryan didn’t even chase me around the house!

Back in my grade school days, May Day was a day anticipated for weeks before. I can remember having an assortment of Dixie cups with pipe cleaner handles filled with candy — all lined up in the entry of our Galena Street home. Those were all May Baskets I received through the course of the day. (I can also vaguely remember delivering one to a boy in my kindergarten class, getting caught and running like crazy so I didn’t get kissed.)

The ones I made every year were a bit different than the standard Dixie cup variety, and thinking back on it, not very basket-like. But they were DotMom’s idea — I’m sure she found it in a magazine or something — and quite easy to assemble. All I had to do was wrap a roll of Life Savers in piece of crepe paper, twist the ends and tie ribbon around each end to fashion a handle. Voila! Instead May “Basket.” Everyone loved Life Savers.

I was gratified to see, via Facebook, that May Day is still celebrated by the young. Niece Gretchen reported on May Basket delivering with her kiddos, Mason and Millie, over the weekend.  I might have to share DotMom’s technique with her. It could easily be done with any candy that comes in roll form, or maybe other tubular goodies.

Happy Belated May Day! Let’s hope the May flowers arrive soon.