Celebrate The New Beer

Did you know that today is New Beer’s Day? That means last evening was New Beer’s Eve. Today marks the 75th anniversary the return of beer — 3.2 beer, as it were -— on April 7, 1933, as the Prohibition era was drawing to a close.

So, of course, it is a date that is near and dear to many home brewers’ hearts, including me and Hubby Bryan.

How will we celebrate this prestigious anniversary? Likely with a draw of Bryan’s latest brew, a wheat beer called Weizenheimer.

This particular beer went on tap this past weekend, just in time for the first meeting of a local home brewing club. The initial turnout was small, but those assembled had some big ideas, including sharing resources and recipes and doing group brews of some experimental beers.
If you know anybody who is a home brewer or is interested in learning to brew, let me know, and we’ll add another name to the roster of this group, tentatively being called Buffalo Ridge Home Brewers.