The Day After

Is anyone else a bit sluggish today? It’s hard to get back in the swing after a long weekend of overindulgence.

Mine included the aforementioned wild rice soup, the Rickers tradition of ham balls twice over, two kinds of rich potatoes, yummy buffalo chicken dip and other assorted appetizers and rum cake — to name a few things I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, at yesterday’s family Christmas gathering, there was one young guest who wasn’t allowed to eat any of the holiday meal. Four-year-old Mason, suffering from a stomach ailment that required a trip to the emergency room, had to eat oatmeal and fiber bars while the rest of us dined on ham balls, sour cream-cream cheese mashed potatoes and ice cream. The poor tyke was obviously out of sorts and barely raised some enthusiasm for opening the myriad gifts in his stocking.

Although I didn’t have his stocking, as a great aunt I feel it’s my job to give highly annoying gifts to the youngsters in the family, so I presented Mason with a marshmallow-shooting gun, which did seem to perk him up a bit. I think everyone in the room got hit by a marshmallow “bullet” before he went back to a prone state.

While Mason lounged on the floor, occasionally raising his head to take in the festivities, little sister Millie, 14 months old, was the belle of the stocking opening party, tottering from one doting adult to another. In our family, it’s tradition to include a new toothbrush in each stocking (another tradition initiated by DotMom many years ago), and Millie took special interest every time somebody unwrapped a toothbrush. She’d immediately take possession of the toothbrush, carry it around for awhile until a new one appeared. I hope everybody got their rightful cavity fighting implement back. She did eventually desert the toothbrushes in favor of gobbling up the marshmallow ammunition from her brother’s new toy.

Which brings us back to food. I sampled a few new delicacies at the Christmas gatherings I attended this year and intend to seek out the recipes. But if you succeeded in garnering some new items for your recipe file, I’d appreciate sharing. After all, we have another holiday weekend of indulging to get through before we can start the new year with a resolution to eat healthier fare.