T-Day Approaches

As Hubby Bryan and I were on our daily morning walk today, my mind wandered to the days and obligations ahead.

 Like a lightning flash, it dawned on me that Thanksgiving is just a week from Thursday. How did that happen?

 I guess it behooves me to start sharing some Thanksgiving-appropriate dishes, huh? So you can look for side dish suggestions in the days ahead, and if you have a favorite of your own, I encourage you to share it either by posting it as a comment here, e-mailing brickers@dglobe.com or send to the Daily Globe, Box 639, Worthington MN 56187.

While I’m at it, I might as well remind you that the Daily Globe is once again doing a special holiday cookbook section, and you are cordially invited to be a contributor. You might just win a grocery store gift card in the process. Recipes for that section can also be sent to the above addresses; just note that they are for the Holiday Recipe Roundup.