Sounds Of Sogginess

Yesterday morning, due to the heavy rain, Hubby Bryan and I had to forgo our morning walk. Although there was no pitter patter of rain as we walked this morning, we still had a watery accompaniment. There was the constant sloosh of water being discharge into the street from sump pumps all along our route.I guess it’s a reassuring sound, knowing the pumps are still working to keep area basements from getting any wetter.

At our house, there is no sump pump. We rarely get any water in our basement, so it hasn’t been worth the expense and trouble of digging a sump hole. When we moved into it almost 20 years ago, it was a completely dry basement. Then we resided it and got a heavy downpour while the gutters were off. Water found its way in, and now it follows the same path whenever the ground gets saturated.

So Bryan and both took shop vac duty last night, sucking up the puddles as they seeped into our lower level. I have to credit Bryan for doing the bulk of the work, and he was back at it this morning. The report from the depths was encouraging: he seems to think that most of the seepage had stopped — until we get more rain tomorrow, of course.