Rainy Days And Thursdays Always Get Me Down

  Like many area residents, I woke up this morning to more than 5 inches of precipitation in the rain gauge and water seeping slowly into our basement. But I was glad for the “slowly.” I’m sure there are people who have water gushing into their abodes.

When Hubby Bryan got up about 6 a.m., he said the basement was still dry. But when he went back to check a while later, there were already pools forming on the concrete floor. He quickly moved anything in danger of getting soaked — like our cardboard beer bottle costumes from last Halloween — to higher territory and got out the shop vac. Soon the sound of water being sucked up resonated through the house.

Since Bryan works for a wholesale plumbing supply house, he is currently on his way to Sioux Falls to pick up sump pumps. I’m listening to the rain continuing to pound on the roof of the Daily Globe and answering calls with reports of flooding damage. I think it’s going to be a long day.

Rain, rain, go away. We’ve had enough!