Weather Wackiness

  I wore longjohns Saturday night.

Yep, after freezing my butt all day long on the King Turkey Day Parade route, I went home and put on a pair of longjohns before we headed back down to the beer garden.

Of course, as soon as I started dancing in a tent filled with people, I regretted donning the winter undergear, but it felt pretty good on the walk home.

It was perhaps one of the coldest KTDs that I can remember, but we Minnesotans are a hardy bunch. The crowd for the parade was as big as it is when the weather is sunny and in the 70s. As parade chairwoman, it’s nice to know that people will turn out for an event even if it is cold and blustery. Thank you parade attendees!

While we from the frozen north are used to dealing with our quickly changing weather, our friends from Texas aren’t as well equipped for the cold. Some of the delegation from Cuero had to go out and buy extra layers of clothing, and we loaned our houseguests winter coats to wear on Saturday.

Shortly after we saw the Texans off late Monday morning — a matter of minutes, actually — the sun came out in full force, and later yesterday the temperature hit 88 degrees.

Mother Nature can be cruel.