Let The Craziness Begin

  Oops. Forgot to blog yesterday.

You loyal readers will have to bear with me for the next week or so. King Turkey Day is on the horizon, and as parade chairwoman, my life gets a bit hectic this time of year. So, if I don’t get a new blog posted every day, you understand the reason.

As I mentioned earlier, besides parade duties, Hubby Bryan and I also have hosting duties to attend to. This year, we have three guests staying at our house. Our Texas “son,” Erik McCowan, is arriving a few days early to add his special touch to the KTD lineup. Last I hear, Erik was heading north today, and with a few stops planned along the way, we anticipate his arrival sometime Sunday or Monday.

Erik, the filmmaker who created the “Ruby’s Town” documentary focusing on the rivalry between Cuero, Texas, and Worthington, will offer a film festival Monday and Tuesday evenings at Minnesota West. I’ve also been recently informed that he’ll play as a member of the Traveling Turkeys team in the Harlem Ambassador game on Wednesday evening. Anyone familiar with Erik knows he will undoubtedly be a hoot on the basketball court.

Our other guests, Laura and Ronnie, arrive on Thursday as part of the official Cuero delegation.

We look forward to seeing all our Cuero friends and marvel at the “friendly” rivalry of the Great Gobbler Gallop that has brought these two communities together.