Did you miss me?

There is one co-worker in the Daily Globe newsroom who always asks, “Did you miss me?” when she returns from vacation.

I have sometimes teased her by saying, “Were you gone?”

I hope that you Lagniappe readers out there aren’t saying “Were you gone?”

Yes, this blog has not been updated for a while, but it’s not my fault. Some nameless, faceless people out there decided it was a good idea to update the Area Voices site. In doing so, they locked me out, as well as a couple of my colleagues, and I wasn’t able to get in again until just this moment.

It has been frustrating, as it took a while to diagnose and treat the problem, although I have to admit that I didn’t mind the unintentional vacation from blogging. Now I have to get back in the habit — and figure out this new site at the same time.

So bear with me, please. I promise to be a faithful poster as long as somebody doesn’t decide to “upgrade” us once again.

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