Grilling Other Stuff

It really is amazing what can be cooked on the grill. Many things that are ordinarily baked in the oven or on the stove top can be made just as easily on the grill.

Hubby Bryan and I often make pizza on the grill, and I’ll try to remember to share the dough recipe next week, when I remember to bring it to work!

Recently, we did quesadillas on the grill. Chicken, of course, leftover from when Bryan smoked a chicken on the grill just a couple days prior.

I coated one side of a tortilla with a small bit of olive oil (veggie oil is just fine, too). Then I spread one half of it with a mixture of diced chicken, onions and VERY FINELY diced habenero pepper, which was leftover from the pepper liquid I concocted to keep the rabbits from eating all my basil plants. A bit of sharp cheddar cheese went on  top, then it was folded over to encase the filling.

Bryan cooked the quesadillas over indirect heat on the gas grill, watching them carefully to avoid burning.

When they came off the grill, the quesadillas were topped with diced tomato, diced avocado and shredded lettuce.

So do you grill anything out-of-the-ordinary at your house? I’d love to hear about it. Post a message here or e-mail me at