Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

There’s a mantra going through my head this morning:

“It’s Tuesday. Tuesday. Not Monday. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.”

I loved the long holiday weekend — it was four days long for me, having taken Friday off, too — but now it feels too much like a Monday to be a Tuesday. So I’ve got to keep reminding myself. It’s Tuesday. Not Monday.

I’ll share a few more weekend happenings — and maybe a recipe or two — later in the week. But on Monday — that was yesterday, not today — Hubby Bryan and I decided it was too nice a day for Jeeping to go to waste. We decided this in the late morning, before the day turned stormy.

So we climbed into the Wrangler and headed for Sioux Falls to do a couple of errands. This was very much a spur-of-the-moment thing. I had on a tank top, shorts and sandals and didn’t even think about grabbing a jacket. We just jumped in and headed out.

We completed the necessary tasks and were just about ready to head back when the sky began to turn black. By the time we reached the eastern edge of Sioux Falls, it was starting to sprinkle and the wind picked up. We grabbed for the baseball caps that are always handy in the Jeep. We passed a carful of teens who pointed and laughed at us as it began to rain a bit harder.

When we finally came to a place where he could, HB pulled over and we put on the door skins and attempted to put on the bikini top — a smaller version of the Jeep’s regular top that provides some protection from the elements. Not having assembled it since last year, however, we couldn’t get the job done, so continued down the highway once again without any roof over our heads. It wasn’t going to amount to more than a few sprinkles, right? And we long ago learned that we don’t melt from a few raindrops.

A bit farther down the road, however, we could see the rain showers ahead of us, so we pulled over again and gave it another try. This time, we succeeded in getting the top stretched correctly — although not totally hooked correctly. But it was a barrier between us and what was coming out of the sky.

Half a mile down the road, it began to pour and an announcement came over the radio about the possibility of flash floods in the area through which we had just traversed.

The rain continued for the rest of the ride home and long after we’d reached home. We were grateful to be dry, although getting wet occasionally is part of the adventure of Jeeping.