Stormy Reflections

I’ve just been reading about the storm damage in our neighboring Iowa counties to the south and marveling that — although there was major damage sustained — it appears no one was killed and most injuries seem to be minor.

Hubby Bryan and I rode out the storms on both Friday and Saturday night with company at our house. On Friday night, we were joined by the firefighters from Great Britain, who are pedaling across the U.S. to raise money for their Firefighters Fund. I interviewed these four guys late Friday afternoon as they were staying at the Worthington Fire Hall. Noting that the air conditioning wasn’t working there, I told Worthington Fire Chief Rick Von Holdt to bring them to our house for a cold beer later that evening.

They showed up, and we sat outside until it began to rain, then moved into the relative comfort of the garage. We certainly enjoyed visiting with these British gentlemen, despite the nasty weather conditions, and were sorry to see them go when the nasty weather abated and they headed for their cots at the fire station.

The next day, we wondered how they fared on the next leg of their journey — Mankato on Saturday night.

But we didn’t have much time to ponder their outcome, as we had 10 people at our house for supper on Saturday evening. We had just finished eating supper on our driveway-patio area when the tornado sirens blew. I’ve never seen some of my friends move that fast. This time, we rode out the storm in the basement — close quarters for 12 people, although we were all glad to be there.

Later, after all our guests departed for their own abodes, Bryan and I sat on the front deck and watched as city crews hauled off parts of trees that were felled by the storm. In the distance, the sound of a chainsaw could be heard.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with those people who were affected by the weekend’s storms. I also wish a continued safe journey to our firefighter friends — Tony, Ray, Mark and Matt and as they continue on their way to New York City. Hopefully, they have put the bad weather behind them and will encounter only sunny skies and gentle breezes, especially since they are traveling without the benefit of a support vehicle.