Farmers Market Fresh

Hubby Bryan and I took our first Wrangler road trip of the season over the weekend. On Friday, we headed for Omaha — traditionally our first destination when we take the Wrangler out of storage. Alas, it was not warm enough to travel with the Jeep top off, but it gave us a taste of things to come.

Of course, since brewmaster HB is interested in all things beer, we made a stop at an exclusive shop called Beertopia, which features fancy barley beverages from around the world, as well as a couple of brewpubs. But I think the highlight for both of us was the Omaha Farmers Market on Saturday morning in the Old Market.

The Omaha Farmers Market boasts 111 vendors selling all sorts of wares: Flowers, homegrown produce, honey, handmade jewelry, pottery, meats, organic foods, jams, artisanal cheese, granola, knife sharpening services …

If we’d had sufficient storage, I would have come home with a variety of fresh greens, bundles of asparagus, fresh herbs, piles of tomatoes and plants to fill my flower beds.

However, since extra space in the Jeep was sparse, I limited my purchases to a small bag of tomatoes, one bundle of asparagus, four tiny pots of herbs and one sturdy patio tomato plant.

The visit to this farmers market — as well as the beautiful weather outside — have finally spurred my desire to dig in the soil. At some point this week, I will get those herbs and tomato plant in the ground, along with whatever other annuals I’m compelled to purchase this year. I can’t wait to get my hands really dirty (although I do hate having to dig the black stuff out from under my fingernails.)

I also can’t wait until farmers market time rolls around in Worthington. I understand that will be sometime in June. Hooray for fresh stuff.