Play Ball And Eat

On Monday night, the cuisine at our house was ballpark-inspired in celebration of the opening of Target Field. We dined on our version of Dome Dogs — hot dogs with chili and cheese — accompanied by a healthier version of French fries — sweet potato fries. The game was well over by the time Hubby Bryan and I finally ate this meal, but it was our way of feeling part of the festivities.

I am looking forward to sampling some of the “new” cuisine being offered at the new Twins ballpark — if we can find a date to attend such a game. I started comparing the Twins schedule to my work schedule, vacation time and other things we’ve got going on this summer and could only come up with two possible dates from May through August. I have yet to look for tickets, which could be another difficult task.

In the meantime, we will revel in just having the Twins back on TV to watch. It was a long winter.

And since it’s been a while since I’ve offered a Food Quote of the Week, here’s a baseball-inspired one to go along with our baseball-inspired menu:

“When we lose, I eat. When we win, I eat. I also eat when we’re rained out.” — Tommy Lasorda (Dodgers baseball team manager)