Mixing It Up

For the last several years, I have been without a stand mixer.

The stand model that DotMom gave me shortly after Hubby Bryan and I got married gave up the ghost — evidently overwhelmed by the big batch of cookies that I was attempting to make — at least three years ago, if not longer.

At the time, replacing the mixer wasn’t a priority. We had a trusty hand mixer — one that Bryan bought at a garage sale during his single days — that could power through just about anything we needed to mix.

But not too long ago, I lamented to my husband that I hadn’t been able to make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies since the mixer’s demise. The recipe that I prefer — from DotMom’s collection — is a dense mixture that cannot be mixed by hand, nor by the smaller hand mixer. It needs a stand mixer to power through the dough, which is fortified with blended oatmeal.

When Bryan realized that his favorite chocolate chip cookies might be the result, he determined that we should spend a portion of this year’s tax refund on a stand mixer. After checking out the various models, we finally brought one home. The next day I mixed up a batch of cookies.

They were just as good as we remembered. The new mixer did its job.

The only problem came when I went to put the mixer away. This new model is a bit bigger than its predecessor, and it doesn’t come apart. Consequently, the new mixer does not fit in any of our cupboards.

For the moment, it has been banished to the basement storage area, where it isn’t exactly handy for future baking projects. That doesn’t bode well for future batches of cookies — or any other baking projects. I’d be more apt to use the mixer if it was a bit handier to get to.

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  1. Beth Rickers Namanny

    We debated long and hard about the Kitchenaid, but finally decided it wouldn’t get enough use to justify the price. So we went with the Sunbeam.

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