Buzzed By Baldy

I woke up this morning with two golf balls in the back of my throat and a stuffy nose.

The cold I had been warding off for the last couple of days finally went full-fledged.

But I got up, blew my nose, hacked up some of the crap in the back of my throat and set off with Hubby Bryan on our morning walk.

Per usual, we paused briefly at the end of the driveway, deciding which way to go.

Left today.

As we prepared to take a hard left at the junction where Lake Avenue turns into Lake Street, I caught a flash of movement in the sky out of the corner of my eye. I pointed to grab Bryan’s attention.

Big wings. Dark shape, Was it a hawk? Or have the turkey vultures already returned to the area?

No. It was a bald eagle, making its descent toward Lake Okabena. Fast on its heels, a companion. Both birds flew low and close enough for us to clearly see their white heads and marvel at their wing spans.

It was a majestic, awe-inspiring moment on this crisp, almost-spring day.

We stood and watched, jaws hanging open, as the birds headed toward the center of the lake, eventually landing there.

Then Bryan and I went on our own way.

If we had decided to go right instead of left, or been 15 seconds earlier or later, we would have missed seeing the eagles.

Timing really is everything.

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  1. Roxanne

    Mom saw the bald eagle by her house…she also thought it was awesome as this was the first one she’d ever seen! Obviously, you all had great timing

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