What I Did On My Winter Vacation

When it became obvious I wouldn’t be going anywhere exotic during my “vacation” last week, I decided to put at least some of my time off to good use.

That meant tackling a couple of those projects that I’d been putting off around the house.

To be more specific, that meant cleaning.

I will state this for the record: Cleaning is not my forté. Hubby Bryan does much more of the cleaning around our house. I’m not a neat freak, as he will attest. I dust the living room when company is expected and do other housekeeping chores as the need arises.

That being said, however, I also don’t like living in the midst of a mess, so I do eventually get around to whatever needs to be done.

I had a revelation last week: The reason I don’t like cleaning is that it always snowballs on me. I set out to clean one area and discover another sorely in need of attention … and then another and then another and another. It’s neverending.

That’s exactly what happened in my kitchen. I started out cleaning and polishing the cabinets, then noticed that the edging around the kitchen floor needed some attention and then the floor itself, on hands and knees, since the sponge mop obviously wasn’t doing the trick.

The worst job of all, however, was closer to the ceiling. Since it hadn’t been done for a while — probably a couple of years — I decided to take down all the display items that are on top of the cabinets. Our cabinets don’t reach quite to the ceiling, leaving a lighted display area for the colored glass that I began to collect a few years ago and other miscellaneous items that don’t fit inside the cabinets.

Since it’s a kitchen, those items of bric-a-brac don’t just get dusty; they get greasy and dusty, especially the items that are just above the stove. Armed with a bottle of orange degreaser, I climbed on the stepstool and wiped down all the tops of the cabinets and put the display items in the sink to soak. Some of the glassware had to be washed three times to remove all the gunk and restore it to a gleam.

The best part of the job was having it done and knowing that I won’t have to tackle it again for a while, although I don’t think I’ll let it go quite so long this next time around. At least that’s my resolve at the moment. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of reasons to put the job off again in the future.

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  1. Luci

    Cleaning is a never ending thing. I think that is why most of us hate it. I slipped while putting on my satiny cuddles and fell against our four by six oak closet doors and knocked them off the gliders. While trying to get them back in the groove, I noticed the dust on the top of the doors. You know, we have lived here 47 years and I think the house was 3 years old then. I never, ever thought to go inside the closet and clean the dust off of the top of the doors. Now, when we sell our home, the new tenants won’t think what a poor housekeeper I am. But, I am sure there will be another area that has been untouched that I today am not aware of. Love your column. Luci

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