Blessed And Haunted

Just before I came to work this morning, I turned on one of the morning news programs while I was putting on my makeup. The segments that I happened to catch were the two stories that seem to be topping the news these days: Haiti, of course, and the late night TV controversy. What a contrast — the overwhelming devastation in a nation that was already one of our planet’s poorest and a comedian who is rumored to get $30 million to leave his network.

Weird world that we live in.

The images from Haiti are unimaginable. Yesterday, I had the privilege of hearing what it was like to be there when the earthquake happened from a young woman from Sheldon, Iowa. Rachel went to Haiti with a mission group from a Sheldon church. Amazingly, none of their group was injured, and they were able to return home on Friday.

You can read her story on Thursday’s Religion page in the Daily Globe. I think Rachel feels blessed to be alive and haunted by what she witnessed. I think we can all relate, just from what we’ve been able to absorb, in some small part, through the TV screen. Horror and miracles — what a contrast.