No, I’m not sending out a distress signal.

I finally got around to watching the movie “Mamma Mia,” which for anyone who might have been living in a cave for the last year was the movie version of the popular Broadway musical based on tunes from the Swedish group ABBA. The movie featured Meryl Streep, who did an admirable job of singing, and Pierce Brosnan, who did a less-than-admirable job of singing.

Back in the day (which means my early teens), I was a dedicated ABBA fan, so I had been intending to watch this particular flick for quite a while and had highly anticipated it. I enjoyed it, although it didn’t completely live up to my expectations.

But this particular blog isn’t really about “Mamma Mia.” Believe it or not, I will eventually get around to talking about food.

Since screening that particular movie, ABBA tunes have been floating around in my head. One in particular, “SOS,” has been playing on a regular loop inside my brain. I used to like that song, but with repetition have decided it’s almost as annoying as Pierce Brosnan’s singing voice.

But its constant replay also might explain my sudden craving for chipped beef on toast. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the crude wartime acronym for that particular food might not understand. SOS isn’t just a maritime distress signal; it also stands for Something (substitute a four-letter word that starts with the same consonant) on a Shingle. (Shingle, in this case, is slang for toast.)

I happen to be very fond of chipped beef on toast. Hubby Bryan won’t touch the stuff, and I don’t force it upon him, just as he doesn’t try to get me to eat baked beans or chili. Mutual food weirdness respect.

So I never have chipped beef on toast for supper. Instead, I make it for lunch, browning up a bit of onion in some butter, adding flour to make a roux, milk and eventually packaged thin-sliced beef that has been diced, serving over a couple of slices of toast. In my opinion, it is a hearty, satisfying meal that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. It’s also one of those food items that transports me back to my childhood.

Since leftovers were few in our refrigerator yesterday, I decided the time was right to make up some SOS. And lo and behold, the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack did stop playing in my head.

Until I conjured it up once again by writing this blog. Maybe SOS will have to be on the menu again this week.