Soupy Memories

Back in my college days in Sioux Falls, S.D., my friends and I used to frequent a place called Mrs. C’s (or was it Mr. C’s? — they were both there). Like many small Sioux Falls places, I think it’s now a casino.

But back then, it was a mom-and-pop sandwich and soup shop. We’d most often stop there after a night out on the town, putting our arrival sometime after midnight. But even at that late hour, there would be a variety of soups — always a cheesy vegetable soup and a couple other daily specials — and sandwiches made with quality meats and cheeses.

My favorite soup was a potato one flavored with sour cream that I can’t remember the name of (hey, it’s been more than 25 years!), but I’d try just about anything on the menu as long as it didn’t contain beans, something my taste buds still shun.

Mrs. C’s was likely responsible for cultivating a love of soup that still continues today, as well as filling my belly with something hot and tasty and pretty nutritious in comparison to the other fare I was eating at that point in life.

Mr. and Mrs. C and their employees took pretty care of the college students that frequented their establishment, and they put up with our late-night rowdiness and obnoxious college-age tendencies. For that I’m grateful, but I’m mostly grateful for the soup that still lives on in my memory.