Thank Goodness For Four-wheel Drive

It’s holidays like this one that really make you appreciate a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

During the summer months, I appreciate having a Jeep Wrangler that can pop its top, letting the warm breeze blow freely through my hair. (Doesn’t that sound good right now?)

But in the winter, I’m equally glad to have an enclosed vehicle with the capability of bucking through snowdrifts.

I have to admit that hubby Bryan and I didn’t let the weather keep us confined at home over the holiday weekend, although we never did plan to leave town, and I do feel sorry for those whose Christmas travels were curtailed by the snow. On Christmas Eve, after finding out church services had all been cancelled, we met a group of friends to lift a cup of cheer. On Christmas night, we ventured out to go to some good friends’ house for our annual gift-exchange and merriment.

On the day after Christmas, I made a foray out to a couple of stores, not necessarily in search of day-after bargains, but to pick up a few things that I found necessary that day, and later on we went out to supper with friends.

Finally, on Sunday, we made it to early church, went grocery shopping and later made it to a family gathering.

Nope, the weather didn’t really affect our holiday celebrations too much at all. That’s not to say that I ENJOYED dealing with 22 inches of the white stuff, and I know that hubby Bryan could have done without blowing snow multiple times, but we managed to have a merry Christmas despite it.

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