Tis the day after Thanksgiving, and I don’t know who’s left to read this blog, as people scurry frantically about in search of Black Friday bargains.

I’ve never been a day-after shopper. For many years in fact, I was on the other side of the counter, working in retail venues throughout college. Perhaps that’s why I choose to avoid the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Or it might just be that I choose to sleep in as late as possible. I’m not willing to sacrifice sleep in order to stand in line for a bargain, no matter how good it is. And the stores just keep opening earlier and earlier. I saw one advertising a 3 a.m. opening time. That’s crazy.

Of course, it might eventually get to the point when stores open their doors for bargain hunters at midnight. That I might consider. I could stay up an hour past my usual bedtime, go pick up a few deals and then come back home and crawl into bed.

To those who did brave the post-Thanksgiving, early morning shopping scrimmage, I hope you found that for which you got up so early. I probably hit the snooze button a few extra times.

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  1. abra la mente

    I read this a little late, but thought I’d let you know, I think it was Toys’R’Us or some such store that did, indeed, open at midnight.

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