Beginning To Look A Lot Like Thanksgiving

On Saturday, hubby Bryan and I made a run to Sioux Falls, S.D., to visit our good friend Moe in the hospital, where he is recuperating from heart surgery.

While we were there, we made a few other stops, including — against our better judgment — the mind-numbing, body-jostling place called “the mall.” As we walked into one of the large anchor stores, Bryan suddenly exclaimed, “You have got to be kidding.” Trying to avoid running into other shoppers, I was oblivious to what had triggered his annoyance. But then I realized: Christmas music was already playing over the loudspeaker.

Yep, it’s obvious in all the stores that holiday shopping season has arrived. Overnight, they went from Halloween décor to Christmas red and green. Since I’m still hoping summer isn’t really over — and this late burst of Indian summer is helping me maintain that illusion — it was more than a bit jarring to my emotional state.

I can’t really claim oblivion to the impending arrival of the holiday season, however. My side of the family will celebrate the season with its traditional stocking-opening at Thanksgiving, and I’ve been sewing up new stockings for the new additions and on the lookout for things to go in our designated stockings.

And, here at the Daily Globe, we’ve been working toward the holidays for a number of weeks already. The main holiday special sections are due to be published on the day before Thanksgiving, so we’ve had to drum up appropriate ideas for that.

A couple weeks later will come the special holiday recipe section that’s been added this year. In case you missed the announcements and ads, the Daily Globe is soliciting recipes from its readers for this supplement, giving them a chance to win grocery gift certificates. There’s already a holiday-wrapped entry box and a stack of recipes in a folder sitting on my desk, but we hope to get lots more submissions so we can make this section chock-full of tried-and-true recipes that are your family favorites.

Since you are reading this online, we’ve made it really easy to submit your recipes with a link on the Daily Globe home page. Just click the box that says Holiday Recipe Roundup, and it will take you to an entry form.

So start looking through your recipe files and share your holiday best.

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