How To Crack An Egg, Really

I’m always astounded when I watch a chef on TV crack an egg on the side of the bowl.

My astonishment doesn’t come from the way the person deftly accomplishes this task — often with one hand, no less. No, I’m just flabbergasted that someone didn’t teach them the RIGHT way to crack an egg.

Someone shared this tip with DotMom when I was but a tyke running around underfoot in her kitchen. So, when it came time for me to learn how to cook, I was taught that you DON’T crack the egg on the side of the bowl, but instead on the countertop. When an egg is cracked on the sharp side of a bowl or pan, it creates shards of eggshell and forces those shards into the egg, so you often get tiny bits of shell in the bowl or pan. When you crack the egg on the counter or any flat surface, it’s a more gentle action and you can pull the two halves of eggshell apart and release the egg, generally without getting any shell in the bowl.

I always thought this was common knowledge, but evidently it’s not, because every time I turn on the TV, there’s yet another TV chef whacking the egg against the bowl or pan.

Here’s an online video that backs up what I’m saying (yes, believe it or not, I found several videos demonstrating how to crack an egg, although not all correctly!):

If you’ve been a side-of-the-bowl cracker, give the counter a try instead, and you won’t have to fish bits of shell out of your eggs.

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