Brownie mix makeover

Before we ventured out on Halloween night, our friends converged on our house to eat some sloppy joes and chips and don costumes.

A friend volunteered to make the barbecues, but I decided, at the last minute, of course, to come up with something for dessert.

I knew I had a brownie mix in the cupboard, but didn’t want to do plain brownies. On a foray to the grocery store, I picked up a jar of caramel sauce. Hmmm — brownies topped with ice cream and caramel sauce???

Nope. Too messy.

Instead, when I was mixing up the brownies, I folded in about half a bag of toffee chips, which were also stashed in the pantry. Then, once it was in the pan, I plopped gobs of the caramel sauce (about half a jar) on top of the brownie batter and swirled it about.

The resulting brownies were still messy — quite gooey, in fact — but they were pretty darned good, too, considering this brownie mix makeover was completely improvised. But then, isn’t improvisation what makes Halloween so much fun?

One thought on “Brownie mix makeover

  1. Ooh, that sounds really good!

    My favorite brownie makeover is half a bag of Andes mint chips, but this sounds like a good alternative…

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