Righteous Recipe Resource

Once again, amid the hundreds of e-mails that I get rid of on a weekly basis, I have found a gem.

A PR firm alerted me to the presence of a new Web site, called A Doctor’s Kitchen, created by Dr. Deborah Chud, a medical doctor, educator and former member of the faculty at Tufts University School of Medicine. She also authored a cookbook, “The Gourmet Prescription,” published in 1999, and she currently serves as a food columnist for Radius magazine, a lifestyle quarterly devoted to health and wellness.

The site just went live on Monday, but already I can see a number of helpful resources, especially for people who want to share healthful recipes or find ways to make their own favorite recipes healthier.

In particular, I was taken by Chud’s video presentation showing how to skim the fat from the juices after cooking meats. She advocates the plastic bag method, which basically entails straining the juices into a zipper-top bag. The fat quickly rises to the top, and the yummy juices are released by poking small holes in one corner of the bag.

There’s also an audio presentation, with photos to illustrate, of Chud’s examination of San Marzano tomatoes and why not all cans labeled San Marzano contain the same product.

This site is just getting going, but I can see that it holds real promise for those of us interested in cooking healthier and more effectively. According to the PR materials, every Monday there will be at least one new offering on Chud’s Recipe of the Week blog in addition to more interactive features.

So check it out at www.adoctorskitchen.com, and be sure to watch that fat-skimming demonstration. I can’t wait to make a roast and try it.