A New Generation

Over the weekend, I received some photos, via e-mail, of new great-niece Millie Marie Ennis. The first photo — received via camera phone — was not the best shot — she looked scrunched up and mad.

But the next round of photos revealed a gorgeous baby. Perhaps I’m a bit prejudiced, but I’d say Millie is one good-looking kid. (Photo attached here — what do you think?)

And I think she looks a lot like her mom, Gretchen did, upon her arrival three decades ago. I was immediately transported back in time to the day of Gretchen’s arrival. I’m pretty sure it was a Sunday, and we found out that sister-in-law Pam was in labor before we went to church. I remember it was difficult to sit still and pretend to listen to the sermon. (Hey, I was 16 years old!)

I was so excited to be an aunt! The minute we found out the news that Gretchen Marie had entered the world, I went all over the neighborhood, sharing the news. I was sooooo glad she was a girl — back then, it was pretty rare to find out the baby’s gender before birth.

Well, that tiny baby is now a mom herself, twice over, which is difficult for me to contemplate. I can still picture her as a toddler, following me around and giggling, giving big hugs and kisses — or screaming at the top of her lungs when we tried to get a brush through her golden ringlets. At the moment, Millie Marie appears to have dark hair, but I anticipate that she will inherit her mom’s golden locks, her giggle and loving nature.

Millie Marie