Real Cows And Fake Deer

Usually when hubby Bryan and I venture to Wisconsin, we moo at cows.

Yes, it’s weird, but when you travel in an open-air Jeep and there are a lot of cows by the side of the road, you feel like you need to talk to them.

This time, however, because of the cool and damp weather for a good part of the trip, we had left the side windows on along with the “bikini” top that offers some partial shelter from the elements. That made it difficult to converse with the bovines.

Instead, as we traveled the winding roads that wend their way through small Wisconsin bergs, I began to take note of all the deer that we spied.

Nope, not real live, living and breathing deer that could do serious damage to our vehicle. I’m talking about the fake statue deer. They seem to be everywhere — not just in Wisconsin. I’ve seen a few within walking distance of our Worthington house.

This is an outdoor decoration trend that I just don’t get. Are the owners of the abode trying to fool people into thinking they have deer grazing in their yard? Are they intended to attract real deer, like a hunting decoy? If you live in the country, don’t you have real deer that occasionally make an appearance? Do you really need fake ones?

Somewhere in the midst of Wisconsin, I saw a miniature version of a deer statue. It might have been made to replicate a fawn, but it had antlers. I haven’t seen too many real one-foot-tall deer with antlers, have you?

Next time we hit the road, I think I’ll do a census of all the “deer” that I see as we travel along. This time around, I bet I could have counted a couple hundred. But I guess the deer are at least more realistic than the seven-foot-tall gorilla that I once saw at a statuary place. Now where would you put King Kong in your yard?

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