Are You A Bottom Feeder?

Does it bother anybody else when the toilet paper roll feeds from under rather than over the top?

I was recently in the bathroom here at the DG, and someone had changed the roll (which is a major accomplishment in itself, so I shouldn’t complain) so that the paper feeds from underneath.

I couldn’t take it. I had to switch it around to feed the RIGHT way.

That led me to ponder why the proper feeding of the toilet paper was so important to me. I think it’s because, if the toilet paper isn’t dangling down, it’s easier to find the end if it feeds from the top than the bottom.

When I mentioned this to my newsroom colleagues, Justine mentioned that she’d recently seen in a survey on Facebook on just this subject, so she looked up the results for me: 725,593 people voted for over; 222,521 voted for under.

So I guess I’m not alone in my preference.

On our recent vacation visit to my sister’s home in Colorado, at one time or another I used all three of the bathrooms in their house, and in each one, the toilet paper was installed to feed from underneath. I briefly thought how weird that was, because I’m pretty sure Margaret and I grew up in a home where the toilet paper fed from over the top. “Didn’t DotMom teach you that?” I thought to myself as I briefly contemplated reversing the roll.

I didn’t. But maybe I should have, just to mess with their minds a bit, if, indeed, they are bottom (toilet paper) feeders.

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  1. Howard

    I thnk I remember reading that the most letters Ann Landers (or was it Dear Abby?) received on a single topic was this one.

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