Flowers And Remembrances

Earlier this week, as I always do this time of year, I made a trip out to the Worthington Cemetery to place flowers on the graves of loved ones in advance of Memorial Day. I know that the fake flowers stand up better to the elements, but my personal preference is for the real thing,…
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Sights Less Sought

When Hubby Bryan and I travel, we often search out places that wouldn’t be on many people’s must-see lists. You readers already know that much of our travel is beer-centric, with stops at craft breweries, brew pubs and establishments with an abundance of beers on tap. We almost always find at least one new brewery/brew…
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An Ode To My Many Mothers

Forgive me if I get a bit sentimental today. Mother’s Day looms, and I find myself missing my DotMom something fierce. Only those who have lost their mother can understand the bereftness (is that a word? — Mom would know if it was allowable) one feels in anticipation of the day that honors our maternal…
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Bathtime For Barbie And Her Entourage

For the last several years, Hubby Bryan and I have talked about going through our basement storage area to weed out the things that we don’t use or need. But talking was all we did — until this past weekend. We finally decided to get serious about it and managed to remove a few boxes,…
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In Pursuit Of (useful) Knowledge

The sheer volume of information with which our brains are bombarded on a daily basis is pretty astounding. Of course, given that much of it is gleaned from social media puts validity into question. I tend to approach much of what I read with a grain of skepticism, but sometimes it’s hard not to get…
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